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VR Goggles

Welcome to our site! We are passionate about helping people build their careers and achieve their goals. Our focus is on providing a platform for individuals to practice talking about themselves and their accomplishments, so they can feel confident during interviews and land their next gig. Join us today and take the first step towards future success!

My Story

My name is Dan Chamberlain and I've been in the technology field for 20 years working at small to fortune 50 companies.  I started my journey as a software engineer working in the legal information space building out search engines and moving into full stack development.  I've also been an independent software development contractor, engineering manager, architect,  and director.  Through all of these levels I have been involved in interviewing, and building teams.  From interviewing college graduates for internships, engineerings beginning at entry level up through principal and engineering leadership, I've seen it all.  I've also been part of designing multiple initiatives around talent development  including entry level leadership , emerging engineering (non-traditional backgrounds), and technology internship programs.  I look forward to helping people land their next gig in technology!

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